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Advanced Acoustic Detection System


Taking perimeter detection to a new and affordable level, Modular have introduced, AcoustAlert, which is a detection system that manipulates the acoustic properties of piezoelectric cable when installed onto a fence line to detect climbing onto or cutting of the fence line. The acoustic or sound signals generated by disturbing the piezoelectric or microphonic cable are fed to Modular's Advanced Digital Acoustic Signal Processor (ADASP) which translates the acoustic signals into alarm conditions.

Central control and Display Work Station
AcoustAlert monitoring software runs on an entry level Windows7 computer. The computer is connected to the AcoustAlert LAN, onto which the field processors are also connected, and interrogates the field processors for alarm conditions caused by disturbances on the perimeter fence

Local Area Network (LAN)
The AcoustAlert LAN is a conventional computer type local Area Network which uses standard networking equipment, principals and designs. All signals and audio routing is achieved over the Digital and VOIP network. Where long LAN connections are required (over 100 meters) fibre optic LAN connections make distances of thousands of meters between field processors possible.

AcoustAlert Field Processors
Two zone field processors are connected to sensor cables which are installed onto the perimeter fence. Disturbances, like cutting and climbing onto the fence are detected and an alarm is raised once the disturbance exceeds a certain level.

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