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Routing and Audio Distribution products

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VoiceBox 4 I/O:

The Voicebox 4 I/O CobraNet Audio Interface is a cost effective 4 in/4 out mic/line preamp. The Voicebox 4 I/O features 4 balanced inputs, with both gain and +12V phantom power selectable on a per channel basis, and 4 line level balanced outputs. All outputs can contain any mix of local and network audio inputs. An RS-232 port enables the transmission of serial data from any Voicebox 4 I/O to any other CobraNet device supporting a serial bridge connection on a CobraNet system.

MatchBox USB:

Multi-media PCs are becoming more important as media sources, not only in home settings, but in a variety of commercial audio installation settings as well. The MatchBox USB is a cost-effective general purpose solution for direct integration of media PC audio streams into and/or back from a CobraNet-based system. The MatchBox USB appears to the PC as a USB Sound Card and can be configured for 8 channels of audio in various input and output modes.

CobraNet PCI Express Card:

The ASI6316 is a professional PCI Express CobraNet sound card designed for use in the broadcast and entertainment markets.
Using Cirrus Logic's CobraNet technology for streaming audio over Ethernet, the ASI6316 provides 16 mono/8 stereo inputs and outputs. It can be connected to any CobraNet compliant device and has dual redundant CobraNet interfaces.
The ASI6316 is based on the TMS320C6713 VLIW floating point DSP connected to a high-speed bus-master PCI Express interface.
MRX technology allows up to 16 streams of different formats and sample rates to be played, recorded, and mixed over a CobraNet application. A choice of 16bit PCM, MP3 or MPEG layer 2 compression is available on all streams.
Modular's design and management software application allows CobraNet routing connections to be set up between the ASI6316 and any other compliant CobraNet device on the network.

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