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System Components


Advanced Digital Acoustic Signal Processor
Modular have designed the AcoustAlert field processor which is based upon the most advanced hardware and firmware combinations that give acoustic processing and manipulation absolute flexibility in meetings the demands of high level high reliability Perimeter Detection Systems

Hardware - AcoustAlert Field Processor
The hardware has impressive design creation content...

  • Surface Mount Device technology components which give extreme hardware capability on a small form factor footprint.
  • User defined fully flexible audio design DSP (Digital Signal Processing) using CobraNet technology.
  • SNMP protocol interface via LAN communications to customise practical application for audio content manipulation to user defined parameters.
  • Level 3 LAN communications for fully redundant two way communications to all field devices, central computer and off site status reporting
  • Dual sensor line inputs, capable of analysing sensor lines of up to 300 meters per input.
  • Standard end of line monitoring for short and open circuit conditions on the sensor cable.
  • Standard, "healthy checker" for sensor lines.
  • Standard, "IP checker" for all field processors and LAN cable or fibre connection.
  • Dual audio output for routing zone specific control room announcements to the fence line via powered speakers
  • 12VDC operation for easy adaptation to solar powered solutions as well as battery backed up power supplies
  • Surge protection from lightning and signal clamping on input and output connections.
  • Reverse polarity protection on power input connection.

AcoustAlert software has been designed in South Africa to meet local environmental and operational requirements. These requirements are generally known to be the most demanding requirements in the world having to deal with 1st world infrastructure developments co-existing in 3rd world environments.

Software features include:

  • Standard package applications handle 10 or 20 detection zones, that is 5 or 10 dual zone AcoustAlert field processors.
  • The software interrogates the field processors for alarm conditions on a continual basis and displays these on the user interface on the control computer for operator intervention.
  • The software also polls and checks on all connected component right to the end of each sensor cable fitted onto the perimeter fence.
  • In the installer section of the setup software pages, processor zone descriptions can be adapted to user requirements and descriptions.
  • User defined alarm reports can be generated and printed.
  • Simple alarm indication, alarm listen in and zone talk-back are all possible by simple user intervention via the AcoustAlert software.
  • AcoustAlert software is protected by a hard-lock dongle protected USB key.

Project specific software solutions are available to user requirements to suite site specific applications.

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