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Vibacrete Wall Applications

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Vibracrete walling is used extensively in South Africa as a preferred walling system for perimeters. While this may keep dogs enclosed it is a very simple barrier to penetrate and gain access onto your premises. The intrusion shown in the picture was simply done with a 4 pound hammer and goods passed through the wall. In other cases whole panels of vibracrete walling are knocked out and people can simply gain access to your premises and carry out large items. Those who have this type of walling system know how often panels have to be replaced after intrusions.

In this case electrified fencing has also been installed on the inside of the vibracrete wall and as can be seen this combination is still not an effective secure perimeter barrier. Electric fencing also used extensively in South Africa, has its weaknesses and determined intruders know how to get past electric fencing.
What is needed is an early warning system that will alert guards to the fact that the wall is being damaged or knocked and respond to the attempts of the intruder immediately. Modular's AcoustAlert perimeter detection system which uses microphonic cable as the detection method can pick up this type of interference on vibracrete walling and via the field processors relays this information back to the guard room for immediate action. In addition this information can also be immediately transferred to offsite control rooms for remote verification by use of CCTV cameras.

The AcoustAlert detection cable is simply applied to the wall with an outdoor UV protected adhesive similar to Sista Flextec or other outdoor adhesives. Since majority of intruders knock out the bottom panels on vibracrete walls, the detection cable is fixed diagonally across the 3 bottom panels in a zig-zag fashion over the length of the wall. Since the maximum length of the detection cable per detection zone is limited to 300 meters per zone, using this zig-zag method, you will cover a wall length of less than 300 meters. This zig-zag pattern can be used to cover all the panels in a wall section, in this way the detection cable will be physically fixed to all vibracrete panels and will ensure maximum detection over the full height of the wall. Using this pattern, the total zone length will probably be about 200 meters using 300 meters of cable.

Modular's AcoustAlert perimeter detection system, made in South African, is a cost effective and reliable form of perimeter detection. It is very low on maintenance and easy to repair any section of cable that may have been damaged or cut. The cable is fitted with end of line termination for cable integrity testing to ensure the entire length of cable per zone is fine.

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